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gnimmel's Journal

19 August 1977
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[interest overflow list: animation, aquaria, art nouveau, bibliophilia, candles, castles, cheese, chocolate, clouds, curves, discovering new people, dvds, flash, food, games, goats, going meta, goths, herbs, hole, lain, leather, Lizzie Siddal, mermaids, monty python, mp3s, muscat, music sequencing, nethack, pink floyd, plants, pool, punting, puzzles, really runny camembert, raspberry juice, robot wars, scotland, senses, sex, sloths, sitting on the floor, singing soprano, supernovae, synaesthesia, thinking, white chocolate]
abandoned buildings, absinthe, absurdity, alan lee, androgyny, angela carter, anime, antarctica, architecture, art deco, astronomy, bare feet, beer, bees, being slept on by cats, bellybuttons, bindweed, binturongs, books, boses, bouncing, breathing, britten, burping, butterflies, calligraphy, cambridge, camping, catnip, cats, caves, cherries, chillies, cognititive dissonance, computers, contemporary classical music, cooking, cornfields, cowpat music, cycling, decadence, digital art, discovering new things, dogs, dragonflies, drawing, dreaming, dylan thomas, erotica, exploring, extraordinary popular delusions, faerie, feral cats, fish, fluff, forests, freak shows, free software, fruit, gadgets, garbage, gender bending, gilbert and sullivan, gormenghast, haiku, hair, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, hedonism, ivy, jean-pierre jeunet, juice, lain, lake vostok, language, late works, linux, literature, london, looking upwards, magic realism, massage, mathematics, mead, mellowness, memespreading, miles davis, monkeys, moonlight, mornington crescent, mountains, music, neil gaiman, nekobasu, new music, news, non-acquisitiveness, not having sexual labels, nugs, oaks, operas, operettas, painting, parrots, perl, philosophy, photography, physics, plants, poetry, poppy z brite, pretty lights, promming, psychogeography, purple, radiohead, reading, rivers, rome, ruins, scifi, shakespeare, silence, singing, spiral staircases, sunlight, surrealism, tea, teletubbies, thespianism, tolkien, tori amos, touching things with bargepoles, travel, trees, trespassing, ultima thule, unique livejournal interests, usenet, utena, vaughan williams, velvet, walking, whisky, william morris, wine, wisteria, wolf-rayet stars, writing, zoological gardens