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10:36 am: Dropping back in briefly
So, I seem to remember back in the day when I buggered off from the LJ, I said I'd make one last post if I started posting art stuff anywhere else. Somewhat later, I lost the notebook in which I'd been writing down ideas for said art stuff. So I decided I would take all the ideas and part-finished things from it that I could remember and actually finish them (even the really rubbish ones). That turned out to be about 30 things, which seemed comfortingly close to the number of days in a month, which suggested that maybe I should do these things and pick a month and post them once-a-day.

That month is this month, and the place I am doing it is here. The reason that I'm posting about it now[1] is because I'd previously been putting up the less good things, on account of everyone being away for the Jubilee holidays. Today's one, however, I rather enjoyed doing. It's
kind of a flowchart. About Shakespeare. It's here (although you may have to click about a bit to get the readable version).

[1] The reason I am doing June at all is because I'm 7 months pregnant. Which means it's pretty much now or never...

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